Presentations on Short Sales and Foreclosures  from the

Santa Cruz County Housing Expo



Options to Avoid Foreclosure - What Will Work for You?

Ed Gagne of the Short Sale Results Team at Thunderbird Real Estate

gives an introduction to options to avoid foreclosure.


Short Sale and Foreclosure Tax Implications

Bob Mason, CPA discusses the different tax implications that can occur

after a short sale or foreclosure depending on your existing loan.



How to Repair Your Credit after Short Sale or Foreclosure

Hannah Fleigel, Credit Restoration Specialist discusses some of the

credit myths about short sales and foreclosures and how to repair your

credit after going through one.



Loan Modifactions: Fact & Fiction: Part 1 Obstacles of Loan Mods

Jeffrey B. Hare, Attorney at Law, discusses some of the obstacles of

trying to modify an existing loan.



Loan Modifications: Fact & Fiction: Pt 2 Foreclosure Process and Myths

In Part 2 of his talk, Jeffrey Hare, Attorney at Law discusses the stages

of the foreclosure process as well as myths and scams regarding

loan modifications.



Pros and Cons of a Short Sale

In part 1 of his discussion, realtor Mike Young discusses the pros and

cons of  a short sale and why you need a realtor to help you through

the process.



How to Proceed with a Short Sale

In part 2, realtor Mike Young discusses how to move forward when

you decide you need to do a short sale.



Financial Aspects of a Short Sale

Natalie Knowlton, premier short sale coordinator, discusses some of

the financial impacts of a short sale.



When to Consider Doing a Short Sale and How to Qualify

In this segment Natalie Knowlton discusses when to consider, and the

qualifications for, a short sale.



Opportunities in the Foreclosure Market

Realtor Seb Frey talks about opportunities in the foreclosure market

and the stages of the foreclosure process.




Advantages of Purchasing a Short Sale or Foreclosed Property

Seb Frey continues his discussion on opportunities in the foreclosure




Challenges in the Marketplace and Advice for Buyers

In the last segment of his presentation, Seb Frey discusses the challenges

of the foreclosure market and gives some advice to buyers.

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